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Savannah Family Portrait Sessions Have you planned your summer vacation yet?  While you have the whole family together, contact Shutterspeed to take your family portrait at 316-295-9488.

Savannah Family Portrait Sessions start at $150.00

   More than simply snapping a photo, we will do our best to capture the uniqueness that only your family can display. For instance, the pictures below are from one of my favorite family sessions. The whole group was excited to be together, fun to be around, and very welcoming. They had traveled from the Midwest to vacation on the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head Island. The scenery was wonderful but the people, more specifically this family, is what made the shoot a true success! Each smaller group within this family had their own traits, inside jokes, and vibe. This created endless possibilities for an eager photographer - a treasure trove of smiles, laughter, and classic family interaction.

   From formal to funny, Shutterspeed Digital can craft an experience from your shoot that will be remembered for years to come. Book today!


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C and J Engagment These two were so connected and funny. It's couples like these that make us forget we are "working" and love our "job" as photographers. We have active and retired military in our family so it was also an honor to photograph these two. As training and deployments arise, it is comforting knowing they will have these memories to look at and keep them connected while they are apart. Thank you, military men and women for your service and for your sacrifice. 

We look forward to capturing their wedding day in 2018! Below is a preview of their engagement photos.


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Spring is coming!!! I don't know about you but my family is loving this weather! Spring is definitely right around the corner. How do you celebrate the arrival of Spring? What are some the first things you do when the weather finally permits it? We have an annual tradition of getting frozen yogurt on Valentines Day. Yeah, that's probably a little bit early for celebrating spring but we do live in the south. We have to celebrate while we can. By the end of March it's hello humidity!


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Ben Jackson's senior photos Senior 2017!

Congratulation's Ben on your academic achievements!



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Need some sweets for your sweetheart? By Grace Bakery can fix you up with some really tasty goodies!

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You can contact Crystal and Haley via their website on the phone (808) 388-6464 or by email at [email protected] They are located in Richmond Hill, GA and service the surrounding area.

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My daughter is a big fan.

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Marcus at 6 months I did the same shoot with his sister when she was 4 months old and now it is his turn! Of course his sister had to join in on the fun too.






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Youmans Wedding Mr and Mrs Youmans were married at the Mighty 8th Airforce museum. It was interesting to be surrounded by so much history from an old glorious chapter of the world while witnessing two people start a brand new bright chapter in their lives. Hardy and Richelle were calm and thoughtful throughout the getting ready process and it was evident through the touching letters and gifts that they had prepared how deeply they felt for each other. The ceremony was held in the chapel and the glow from the evening sun lit the gardens as we photographed the new couple and their attendants following the service .

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Cannon Wedding      We met Wallace and Britt to discuss photography options for their wedding day and instantly felt a connection to them through their backgrounds. As a fellow Firefighter/EMT, Britt and Malachi had a lot in common, Wallace, being a Police officer, was right there in the same brotherhood of public safety/service. This couple was fun to interact with and very unique in their choices. We crave new situations and new venues and were set up to shoot with them at the Sonesta Resort on Hilton Head Island. Though the day arrived with many new and unavoidable challenges, (rain on the island and a hurricane moving up the coast) the couple kept their spirits high and we moved from plan A to plan B. In the end, the whole thing fell together and was a great success! A beautiful bride, happy guests, and lots of dancing made for a truly awesome night!

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Smith Engagement    Working with this couple was a blast! They were fun and spontaneous! We almost had to cancel the shoot due to rain, but at the last minute we all decided to go for it and shoot anyway, and boy are we glad we did! The clouds made a perfect backdrop for the evening as we shot in several locations throughout the islands. Enjoy this preview of their engagement session, we are looking forward to capturing the Smith wedding next year!.....PLEASE NOTE: These are ALL real clouds, we didn't make up any of them. :)


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Richmond Hill Summer Wedding What could be better than having the chance to shoot an off season wedding? Why getting to work along side of the perfect bride and groom as well. Tiffany and Levi are the low maintenance type of people who allow us to do our job to the best of our ability. The wedding ceremony and the full dinner reception were both held at the Richmond Hill Center in J. F. Gregory Park.  Take a look below to see the high lights from Tiffany and Levi's special day.


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Rusty's 6 month shoot Well, I have been wanting to start blogging about our photos for a while now and what better way than to start with this cute little guy! About six months ago (has it really been that long??) I had the privilege of capturing his infant moments, so when his momma called me about doing this shoot I was excited to continue my journey with him and his lovely family. And of course, while I was there I got to take some pictures of his big sister too.

 - Cara

Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot Rusty's 6 month shoot

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